Wednesday, October 2, 2013


I've started a new blog. Same as the old blog.

This name is actually a bit more unique and I expect that people might be able to eventually find it if they used a major search engine. So for those of you who have missed out on my first six weeks of blogging -- and judging from the traffic, just about all of you have -- I post the archives to my old place at An Academic in Exile below:

August 2013 Posts
Arrival in exile (in which I discuss the my predicament)
To blog or not to blog (why I do what I do)
The trauma of going into a coffee shop (little things you have to worry about when unemployed)
The joys of having health insurance (yet other little things the unemployed have to worry about)
Identity theft (when you don't have work, it takes away a large part of who you are)
On an island (another perk of unemployment is you lose many of your everyday social contacts
Privilege and unemployment (I'm actually really lucky in comparison to most unemployed people)

September 2013 Posts
Hidden cost of being unemployed (just about everything costs more, when you have less to spend)
Running: (One way I escape thinking about my job situation)
I'm famous (A link to my guest post in a popular Political Science blog)
Saved by the stimulus (In which I meet some one who got a job thanks to the ARRA
Signs that work (I laugh at a local dog park name)
Houston bike share (A few thoughts on my new city's attempts to create transportation alternatives)
Obama admin expands wage protections (good policy changes protecting home-care workers)
Gen Y and entitlement (Rich people who got jobs in easy economic times shouldn't call me lazy)
Trader Joe's and the ACA (My first health-care post, about TJ's decision to help part-times get insurance on the state exchanges -- I'm cautiously in favor)
 Unions and Obamacare I (some discussion of the situation surrounding Taft-Hartley plans)
Unions and Obamacare II (I waste an hour of my life demolishing a stupid argument by Avik Roy)
Focus (sometimes you need cartoon-themed fruit snacks. Stop laughing)
Medical device tax I (An argument in favor of the medical device tax)
Medical device tax II (A bit of Political Science predicting the odds of  the tax's repeal
Women and the ACA  (Health reform doesn't close the pay gap, but it boots insurance discrimination)
Adjusting to Texas Part I (Sen. Stabenow for Sen. Cruz was not a good trade)
Medicaid expansion compromises (A look at potential alternative ways to expand Medicaid)

October 2013 Posts
The sound of freedom (Houston traffic. Yikes.)
Ignorance is bliss  (What Americans don't know about health reform might actually help them enroll in the exchanges)

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