Sunday, October 13, 2013

Texas Adjustments Part III

So let's move to the House of Representatives.

From my old Ann Arbor district, we have John Dingell:

In my new west Houston district, we have Ted Poe.

According to Project VoteSmart, Poe actually received a voting score of above 20 percent from the SEIU on several occasions in the last decade. He also took a recent surprising, yet gratifying stance taken in favor of getting federal funds for the University Light Rail line. Of course, on everything else, he's terrible, but those two facts alone make him Nelson Rockefeller by the usually Neanderthal standards of the Texas House delegation.

But still, Dingell is the real deal -- His dad was an original New Dealer and Dingell has been voting like one ever since, supporting Medicare, Medicaid, worker safety, unemployment insurance, higher minimum wages. He's introduced a universal health care bill on the House floor on the first day of every session he's been in Congress. Some of his stances on guns and the environment weren't perfect, but he's swung quite a bit on greenhouse gas regulation over the last decade. He's also remarkably coherent and thoughtful for a man who's 87 years old -- he might be a bit frail physically but the brain is still working hard.  Advantage, Michigan.

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