Sunday, October 27, 2013

Houston Half-Marathon blogging

Good day at the Houston Half-Marathon and Relay.

... aside from the one-hour freak flash thunderstorm that arrived at precisely 6:30 a.m. to delay the start by an hour and wreck all our carefully calibrated warm-up and digestive routines. I felt bad for all those runners caught out in the open (I just happened to be on the Sam Houston Heritage's society building's spacious front porch.

Though I must say, running in a rain shower when it's 65 degrees out sure beats running in the sun when its 98 degrees out in this town.  I think I also came home drier too.

But in any case that feeling of flying up the home stretch after a great race is one that every runner craves. I also richly appreciated the strategic and generous application of spectator cow bell on mile 12.

1 hour, 38 minutes, 37.7 seconds. New PR -- and I probably had a bit left in the tank. Sure, it's not going to get me into the winner's circle, but it's pretty darn good for an civilian.

Time for two weeks of down time with lots of stretching and rest for bits and pieces that hurt, then I get to plot my next race. Probably something shorter in December.  I haven't put together a good 5K in two years, and haven't ever put up a 10k time. It'd be interesting to see what I could do at that distance.

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