Thursday, October 17, 2013

Thoughts on the shutdown

I've been making a conscious choice to focus on health reform, in part because it's important and not too many people are covering the nuts and bolts of the law, but also in part because I get so angry when I think about the stupidity of the shutdown and threats to breach the debt ceiling that I don't write straight.

Jared Bernstein conveys most of my thoughts on the Republican majority in the House of Representatives here:

I’ve been put off by most of these “terrorist” and “hostage” analogies, but this is a toddler who wants to be compensated for the anguish she suffered during her meltdown.  It’s a thief arguing that the judge should give him back some of the loot because the damn trial was really stressful.


For those who are curious,  the votes of congresspeople on the bill to end the shutdown and raise the debt limit are here.

As Burnt Orange Report points out, all of the GOP members of the Texas Congressional delegation voted for America to default on its bills. 

It's great to have a bunch of vandals representing me. Just great.

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